SpiritDog Training is Albuquerque's Premiere Dog Training Course

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SpiritDog Training provides dog training in Albuquerque and online. We are committed to supplying our clients with modern, science-based and effective training methods.

Private and Group Lessons

We offer private and group lessons for Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Edgewood, Cedar Crest and surrounding areas.

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Online Classes

Too far away or too busy to fit a class into your schedule? Check out our online classes that let you train from the convenience of your living room!

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Our trainer does not use a cookie-cutter approach. Instead, SpiritDog Training strives to get to know you, your dog, your family members and your goals and recommend a training program that will help you reach your dog’s full potential.

We provide training for puppies as well as adult dogs. Our training uses positive reinforcement and yields true results. We will help you and your dog in a variety of fields, whether you are looking for treating behavior problems, establishing manners, attending obedience classes, private training or specialty classes.

You will not find our group classes to have 8+ dogs. We believe that dogs and humans learn best in small groups with plenty of individual feedback. Whether you decide for private lessons or take one of our group classes (with no more than 5 dogs), you can be assured that we will make your progress our priority.

Proper training is individualized and enjoyable for both dogs and handlers. Results come quickly by using high value reinforcers to train your dog. We train for fast improvement and lasting behavior changes.

We understand that training is an investment. SpiritDog Training offers high-quality dog training at competitive prices. We want the training investment to pay off as much as possible for you, as fast as possible!

Training should be the best part of your dog’s day. We will help you show him how fun and rewarding it is to listen and work together as a team with you. We do not coerce dogs into obeying, rather we make behaving well so fun that they will happily choose to do it.

Let us guide you on your way to a well-behaved, obedient and happy pet. We have helped hundreds of dog owners train their dog in an easy, quick and effective way. Check out their testimonials!


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We are passionate about providing you with training from the experts.

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