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SpiritDog Training LLC | Albuquerque Dog Training
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SpiritDog Training is Albuquerque’s Premiere Dog Training Course

SpiritDog Training provides dog training in Albuquerque and online. We are committed to supplying our clients with modern, science-based and effective dog training.
Our training is no cookie-cutter approach. Instead, we strive to get to know you, your dog, your family members and your goals and recommend a training program that will help you reach your dog’s full potential.

We provide training for puppies as well as adult dogs. Our training is positive and reward-based and yields true results, whether it be for behavior issues, manners, obedience, agility or else.

You will not find our group classes to have 8+ dogs. We believe that dogs and humans learn best in small groups with plenty of individual feedback. Whether you decide for private lessons or take one of our group classes (with no more than 5 dogs), you can be assured that we will make your progress our priority.
We understand that training is an investment and we want it to pay off as much as possible for you.


We guide you on your way to a well-behaved, obedient and happy pet. We have helped hundreds of dog owners train their dog in an easy, quick and effective way.

Private and Group Lessons

Private and Group Lessons

We offer private and group lessons for Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Edgewood, Cedar Crest and surrounding areas.

Online Classes

Online Classes

Too far away or too busy to fit a class into your schedule? Check out our online classes that let you train from the convenience of your living room!


We are passionate about providing you with dog training from the experts.
  • I regularly have clients requesting a fix for one very specific issue: Their dog sniffs too much on walks. He constantly stops and spends a lot of time checking out bushes, trees, fire hydrants, rocks or simply the ground. It inte

  • Developing and sticking to a schedule is one advice I give a lot to dog owners. Many dogs benefit from a structured and predictable day – it can help anxious and shy dogs as well as the over-the-top crazy ones. Here is a sch

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Online Dog Training Classes

We are offering the following dog training classes:
Brain Games Class

This 10 week class is for all dogs that need a new challenge! Games for body awareness, verbal discrimination and independent thinking will keep you and your dog busy.

Outdoor Games and Focus Class

This class is for all the free-spirits, the independent ones, the ones who don’t come when called and who think everything is more exciting than you when out and about.

Learn To Fetch Class

Want to play a nice round of fetch with your dog at the park – but he is stealing the ball and running, not returning it, and seemingly not understanding the game at all?