Frequently Asked Questions

Are you ready to get started with training your dog, but have some last few questions for our Albuquerque dog trainer? We have collected the most common questions here.  If you cannot find the answers you’re looking for, give us a call! We are here to help, providing the most modern, effective and science-based dog training in Albuquerque!

How much training will my dog need? When will he be completely trained?

It is impossible to give a definite answer to this. How long dog training takes depends on multiple factors. Here are the ones that will accelerate your training success:

  • Making a little time (10min) for dog training in your schedule every day. Dogs learn through many successful repetitions. Their attention span is rather short (especially when first starting out in training). It is much better to train a couple minutes every day than to train an hour once a week.Dog training does not need a lot of time, it just needs the time to be invested regularly and consistently.
  • Training your dog in many different locations.
    If you only train him in the living room, he will only be obedient in the living room!If you can take your dog to many different placed to practice, he will quickly get good at behaving everywhere.

    This is not so fun at first as dogs can be over-the-top excited when you take them to busy places with many distractions, The good news is that they quickly settle down once the understand being in public is just a new aspect of life.

    (This blog post talks more about initial excitement in new places: Off-Leash Dogs and Beginner Drivers)

  • Implementing management instructions.
    Management is a crucial part of dog training. It means setting up the environment of a dog in a way that it makes it easier for him to behave successfully.If you are for example potty training a puppy, you cannot let have him have full access to the whole house unsupervised or he will potty somewhere (need more potty training advice? Potty Training Your Puppy).

    Many behavior issues are hard or impossible to solve without using management. Our trainer will give you extensive instructions if your dog requires a certain set-up, and it is important that you put these in place.

    The good news is that most management is temporary! E.g., after your dog is potty-trained, you can let him be everywhere in the house without having to supervise him.

  • Having all family members on board and being consistent.
    It is not necessary for everyone in the household to actually train the dog. What is important though is that you provide the dog with consistent and predictable reactions to his behaviors. For example, if he does not sit in front of the door before going outside, it will be detrimental if one family member does not open the door until he listens and one lets him out anyway.The more black-and-white our reactions to our dogs can be, the better they can understand the “rules” and behave accordingly.

If you follow these guidelines, you will usually see first results within the first week of training, and a definitely changed dog within a month or two.

I don’t have time to train my dog. Can you train it for me?

Yes! Being a professional dog trainer, I can often fix problems very quickly and effectively when working directly with your dog. For that reason I offer Albuquerque Dog Day Training, during which I will train your dog. You can go about your daily business knowing that your dog is in the hand of a professional dog trainer who will train him fast and with lasting results.

Day Training works well for basic manners, house-training, obedience in public and mild behavior issues. I take dogs to all kinds of places in Albuquerque to get them working around distractions and ignore other people and dogs!

If your dog is aggressive or very anxious with other people, dog day training is not the right option for him at this point.

Do you travel to our house to train our dog?

I do! In-home training is very effective for behavioral issues.