Albuquerque Dog Training Places

A big part of my training philosophy is to get a dog used to working near and around distractions as early on as possible. While this may seem counter-intuitive at first (why would you want to train your dog in places where he is less focused?), over time it achieves great attention and work ethic in the dog.

As an Albuquerque local, I am always on the lookout for new dog training places. This post will provide you with a list of my favorites, as well as dive a little deeper in why and how you should train in public places with distractions.


Training Your Dog All Over The City Of Albuquerque


Why is this necessary? Every puppy who starts out training in public will be distracted, and possibly not a whole lot of fun to train. In fact, if you have a puppy who is not insanely curious about the world around him and trying to interact and explore everything and anything, I would be worried that something is not quite right.

Dogs are innately interested in everything, especially things/places/people that are new and unknown. (Check out the podcast to this topic: Your Dog, The Experience Junkie).

This characteristic makes it difficult (and at times near impossible) to properly train your dog while out and about. Luckily though, we can reduce the dog’s tendency to be distracted by a great deal by providing him with repeated experiences of training among distractions.


What Happens If I Don’t Do That?

If you skip training your dog in public, unfortunately a vicious cycle can develop:

Your dog is so highly excited when you finally do take him out that he might be uncontrollable. At the very least he will not be fun to handle – pulling on leash everywhere and showing no interest in you whatsoever. Perhaps he is barking and lunging, too.

Since this is no fun, you then take him out less often. The next time he is in public, it will have already become a rare occurrence for him and therefore even more exciting. He will behave even worse…and so on.


Rarity Leads To Obsession


For every dog (and probably many other animals), having highly restricted access to resourc