Basic Obedience Online Class

Ready to teach your dog some manners? Does he pull on leash, not sit when told and jump up on everybody?
We will change this!

Positive Methods

We will make a team out of you and your dog by training through positive reinforcement and science-based, modern methods. Training will be the best part of your dog’s day.

Methodical Training

Our training uses step-by-step methods that are easy to understand for the dog and quickly produce lasting results. Clear explanations lead to accelerated learning.

Lifetime Access

Once you are signed up, the course is yours and you can always go back and revisit lessons. Your dog needs an obedience refresher down the line? No problem.

Do you have a busy lifestyle that prevents you from attending weekly in-person classes? Is your dog reactive and does not do well in group settings?

Learning through an online setting is convenient and highly effective.

All videos feature our professional trainer working with multiple dogs of a variety of breeds, ages and temperaments. The video lessons allow you to watch positive and successful training and put it into practice right away with your own dog.


Our Basic Obedience Online Class is only $45 – less than half the price of an in-person class.

This course consists of 26 modules and 110 minutes of training videos. You can view the curriculum as soon as you sign up and keep the access forever.

We cover all aspects of basic obedience, such as:


  • Loose Leash Walking
  • Wait At All Doorways
  • Go To Your Mat
  • Pay Attention Anywhere, Anytime
  • Sit And Down Whenever Told
  • Play Politely
  • Easy Tricks
  • and much more
Want to take a peak into our online classroom?
Try out this exercise from our class for teaching your dog to sit quickly: