Albuquerque Dog Training

Albuquerque Dog Training Places

A big part of my training philosophy is to get a dog used to working near and around distractions as early on as possible. While this may seem counter-intuitive at first (why would you want to train your dog in places where he is less focused?), over time it achieves… Read More

The Genius Of New Dog Trainers

I have talked a lot on this blog about how well-adapted dogs are to be our friends and companions. Domestication has brought them to a point at which they are incredibly well-versed in reading our body language, understanding our emotions, helping with our work or participating in our hobbies. What… Read More

An Albuquerque Dog Training Case Study

Do you want to see the progress a dog has made in my training program? Here is an Albuquerque dog training case study with a one year old local dog that came to me for training.   Chaos – the Wild but Sweet Rebel Meet Chaos. Chaos is a little… Read More

Albuquerque Dog Training Destinations – Inner City

Did you hike in the Sandia Mountains and are now ready to get into the inner city? Taking your dog out and about in the city of Albuquerque (and anywhere else) can be a valuable and fun addition to your training and exercise routine. Make sure that your dog… Read More

Albuquerque Dog Hikes: Sandia Mountains

Hiking is my favorite dog activity. Before any agility, tricks, frisbee or other training, we like to go outside and walk. When I first moved to the Albuquerque area in 2012, I had no idea where to take my dogs for dog-friendly, enjoyable hikes. So off we went to explore. Read More