Anxious Dogs

Management Ideas For Reactive Dogs

Do you have a reactive dog? Whether it is people or other dogs that he feels stressed and unsure about, owning and handling a reactive dog is a daily challenge. Keeping everyone safe and as happy as possible is the number one goal, and it can be hard to achieve!… Read More

The #1 Mistake With Anxious Dogs

Many dogs are anxious around people. Some only around “scary” people – the ones who are tall, wear hats and sunglasses or talk in a deep voice. Other dogs are generally distrusting of all strangers, no matter their looks. Having visitors come over or greeting another person on the street… Read More

3 Reasons Your Reactive Dog CAN Get Better

Having a reactive dog can be a huge burden. Not being able to walk him without worry because he is leash-reactive, not being able to go to the dog park, not being able to take him to a fun group training class; and always having to watch out for potential… Read More

Fear FreeTM Veterinary Care For Your Pet

Another guest post! Tanya from Play Pals NYC wrote this one for us. Fear-free vet care is right up our alley 🙂 Tanya Lim is the founder of Play Pals NYC – a boutique style dog training/walking & cat sitting service in NYC! Tanya grew up in with dogs, cats… Read More

Calming Signals In Dogs

Dogs are man’s best friends, but we do not share a common language. Wouldn’t it be so easy sometimes to just ask our dog how he feels? It is fairly easy to spot a happy dog. He has his tongue out,  appears to be “smiling”, his tail is wagging… Read More

Don’t Distract Your Anxious Dog

We have all seen it many times: a dog is stressed, anxious, reactive; he is pulling on leash, growling, barking and lunging. The owners do their best to stand between the dog and his trigger, asking their dog to watch them, to sit and down and stay and leave it. Read More