Life with my dogs

Happy First Birthday, Greatest Little Teacher

Today my little puppy turns 1. 1? One year? Twelve months? No way. Of my three dogs he is by far the one who is still the most puppy at his first birthday. Fusion was still a puppy in terms of wildness and (uhm) being uncontrollable at times, while… Read More

Does Your Dog Need A Yard?

I grew up in a small European country with very little space. Few people owned their homes and most families lived in apartments. Our family’s apartment was 600 square feet big (which was actually considered quite spacious). I desperately wanted to own a dog and was very insistent… Read More

Putting Your Dog on a Schedule

Developing and sticking to a schedule is one advice I give a lot to dog owners. Many dogs benefit from a structured and predictable day – it can help anxious and shy dogs as well as the over-the-top crazy ones. Here is a schedule from Yuna the Lab and… Read More

3 Lessons I Learned From Being A Dog Trainer

One of the things I enjoy most about being a dog trainer is being able to keep on learning every day, from every single dog and client I encounter. Here are a couple of big lessons I have been taught over the years.   1. Dog Training is a Practical… Read More

Getting A Second Dog – But When?

I often get asked whether a dog needs other dog friends. This question mostly comes from owners whose dog has some behavioral issues we are working on and who are considering adding another dog to their family to help with the training of the first. My answer for those cases is… Read More

Shaving a Double Coated Dog

I shave my Border Collie Fusion in the summer. In late May/early June he becomes what Border Collie people call a “smoothie” – a smooth coated dog, just like Kix. I have done so every summer of his life, and his coat has regrown beautifully in the winters (of… Read More

A Day In The Life Of A Dog Trainer

What do I do all day long? The answer is dogs, a lot of dogs 🙂 When I first got a dog of my own, my family warned me that I would have a hard time aligning work with all the things I wanted to do for/with my dogs. Border…