When Can I Wean The Treats?

  Treats are the #1 thing I make sure I got on me whenever I go to train a dog. They are the easiest, fastest reinforcer and universally desired by every dog. While some dogs might be more picky than others, and some may need some extra work to find… Read More

So Your Dog Doesn’t Listen … What Fills His Cup?

I once had clients with a beautiful Standard Poodle. They had been A+ dog owners in every way. Great puppy raising set-up, a lot of enrichment and toys for their dog, she was taken to puppy classes and obedience classes and went to doggy daycare whenever the owners had to… Read More

What’s In Your Reward Toolbox?

I love talking about rewards. I love exploring rewards. Finding the right reinforcers for one’s dog is one of the aspects that makes dog training so highly individual and specific to each single dog. Rewards make our dogs repeat behaviors. Great rewards make them repeat behaviors with a higher chance… Read More

Play With The Dog In Front Of You

Playing is an aspect of dog ownership that is very important for me. If I don’t have a lot of time and need to pick between either playing with or training my dogs, I will pick playing. It is bonding, it teaches us about our dogs and – if… Read More

Dog Training Advent Calendar, Part II

Merry Christmas! Today marked the last day of our 25 December Days of Games. I am posting the second half here for you to work through. Like the first part (Dog Training Advent Calendar) these games are of varying difficulty. Adapt the ones that are too hard… Read More

Dog Training Advent Calendar

  Everyone is busy during the time before Christmas, and thinking of new game ideas with your dogs may not be on the top of your mind. It’s dark and cold at night, there’s too much to do to take any in-person classes and the dogs are becoming quite bored!… Read More

Finding The Value Where Your Dog Sees It- A Story About Unusual Rewards

This morning I was playing with my new puppy (he will get his own introduction post soon!). We play with all kinds of toy