Podcast Interview: The Scottish Collie

In this episode of SpiritDog Training Stories I speak with Denise Maher, president of the Scottish Collie Preservation Society (SCPS). I had not heard of the Scottish Collie myself until I met this stunning dog of a client a year ago: The SCPS strives to bring back and expand… Read More

Interview About Agility And The Van Life

Two weeks ago I published the first interview with Emily Abrahams in the SpiritDog Training podcast (About Van Life With Your Dog), and today comes the second part. This time we are looking at European agility and Emily’s experience and challenges in pursuing competitive agility out of her van. We talk… Read More

Podcast: Breath Of Wild Air – About Van Life With Your Dog

I have been thinking about introducing a new podcast format. On my drives to clients – that can take a while since we are living fairly remote – I like to listen to interview style podcasts on climbing and mountaineering. It’s always interesting and fun to hear which lifestyles… Read More

Podcast: My Thoughts On Puppy Raising

In this episode everything evolves around puppies! My little guy has been with me one week, and I am enjoying my time with him very much. I love puppies and everything that goes along with them. They are so impossibly snuggly, cute, clumsy and adorable! Listen to hear why we play… Read More

Podcast: Don’t Push My Buttons – Living With A Spirited Dog

This podcast was inspired by Kix and her relatives. She is an amazing dog and my best friend. She also is crazy, obnoxious, relentless and always looking for ways to make her life more fun, more wild, more of a party. (I was going to register her as “Kixen… Read More

Podcast: Your Dog, the Experience Junkie

I drive a lot in my job and I get quite bored of driving. I listen to podcasts. Dog training podcasts, mountaineering podcasts, blogging podcasts. Because I love talking about dog training, it seemed nearly imperative to give it a go. So I listened to some podcasts on making a podcast… Read More