Puppy Training

Growing Up A Spiritdog: 4 Months

My little puppy is 4 months old now. He will always be a “little” one – no matter his age, he is a teeny tiny package of awesomeness. He has by now adjusted to the altitude. We live at 7000 ft elevation here (and hike up to 10’000 ft several… Read More

The Smart Way To Crate Training A Puppy

​​ Crate training a puppy a big topic for new dog owners. There are many benefits to crate training: Crates are a fantastic tool to keep your puppy contained and manage his sleeping schedules in the first month. They also provide him with a safe and comfortable resting spot that… Read More

6 Puppy Training Basics

Everyone loves puppies. I probably love puppies most though. While I hear from many other dog trainers that the time comes when they are over puppies, this hasn’t happened to me yet! I get excited with every new little fluffy clumsy pup who comes through my door. Puppy training is… Read More