Recall Training

Why Distractions Are Like Hypothermia

Recently I was in Zion National Park. Not only in the tourist part of the park with the restaurants and paved trails, bathrooms and convenient shuttle buses; but also in some less populated parts of the park, namely some canyons that are only accessible with a special permit. I was… Read More

A Question Of Value

Can your dog call off of a full bowl of food and come to you? Can your dog stay in front of a full bowl of food and not take it? Can he do this off-leash, in a new place, without getting distracted? These are no magic skills –… Read More

5 Recall Tips On How To Get A Dog Who Won’t Leave Your Side

“I don’t know if he’ll stay with me if I take him off-leash” It’s not fun to not know if your dog may just run off as soon as he has the option. It’s also not fun to have to manage leashes wherever you go, make sure they don’t slip… Read More

A World Of Dog Rewards

Bob Bailey said “Training is simple, but it isn’t easy.” The approach indeed is very similar and methodical no matter which behavior we are training: Set up the environment in a way that makes the dog likely to succeed, and reward for successful approximations of the goal behavior. This… Read More

Off-Leash Dogs And Beginner Drivers

Whenever one makes the transition of turning a mostly leashed dog to an off-leash dog, we will see a kind of rambunctious, over-bubbling, desperate energy. Zooming around without listening the slightest to their owners, not responding to recalls, obnoxiously exploring every inch around them, overexcited greeting of any person and… Read More

7 Tips For The Dog Who Runs Away On Walks

The main reason why owners do not walk their dogs is probably because it is not fun. This might be because the dog pulls on leash like a maniac (see Tips for Loose Leash Walking) or because the dog takes off once he is off-leash. Having a dog… Read More