Training Philosophy

Do You Really Want A Working Dog?

  Every week, multiple times, I am on a house call with a family that has adopted a working-bred dog. And every week, multiple times, I need to tell the owners that I do not have a magical solution to the dog’s high energy, need for mental and physical stimulation,… Read More

Should You Really Use A Clicker All The Time?

Clicker training has become increasingly popular, not just among professional and hobby dog trainers, but also with new owners who are just starting out on their journey of training their dog. In fact, there are dog trainers who outfit every new client with a treat bag… Read More

Does Your Dog Sniff Too Much? Let him.

  I regularly have clients requesting a fix for one very specific issue: Their dog sniffs too much on walks. He constantly stops and spends a lot of time checking out bushes, trees, fire hydrants, rocks or simply the ground. It interrupts the flow of the walk and the… Read More

Tips For Preventing Resource Guarding in Dogs

Resource guarding is a common issue in dogs. Based on my own experience I would say that at least half of all dog owners experience their dog resource guarding in one setting or another. This is problematic – for the bond between owner and dog, for the dog’s health (if… Read More

How to deal with human frustration in dog training

The negative emotion I see the most in dog training is not fear or aggression or anxiety on the dog’s part. It is frustration, both in the dog and his handler. This frustration can take all the joy out of training. All of us have had those moments in… Read More

Do You Train What Your Dog Needs?

A weakness we are all guilty of is training the things that are already going well. We may have a very motivated, driven dog who is great at playing with toys, great at dynamic tricks, great at recalls. Naturally these are the behaviors that are the most fun to work… Read More

I Don’t Care If You Practice

It seems to be rather common in dog training for trainers to slightly (or not so s