Basic Obedience

Basic Obedience

Just $45 – less than half the price of an in-person obedience class for lifetime access.

Our most popular course will teach your dog Basic Obedience in a positive and fun manner.



We make training sessions the best part of your dog’s day – because only when your dog truly enjoys learning, he will give you the most effort.


Basic Obedience has many different aspects that we will cover in this class. After completing it, your dog will


  • Sit every time you tell him – not just when he feels like it
  • Walk well on leash without pulling, no matter the distractions
  • Wait in front of the door until you tell him to go out instead of rushing past you
  • Go to and stay on his bed when told to
  • Play politely with you and do some simple tricks


We will teach your dog to respond to your cues quickly and reliably, in all situations.


Try out this game from our class with your dog:




When you have completed this class, you will have a well-behaved dog that can go anywhere with you.


You can access all lessons as soon as you sign up – having a well-behaved dog is only a click away.

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