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Do you have a dog who is distracted as soon as you go to a new environment?


Nose on the ground, not listening to anything you’re saying, blowing off his recall and generally no fun to take to places?


This class is for all the free-spirits, the independent ones, the ones who don’t come when called and who think everything is more exciting than you when out and about.


Through a series of games and exercises we will slowly build up the value your dog has for you – until he will want to engage with you and actively seek out your attention because he has learned how much fun it is to train and play with you.



Try out this sample lesson – a very effective and quick exercise:



You will train your dog in many different places and environment with both food and toys. 11 different lessons with many videos and explanations will guide you towards a dog who will listen to you anywhere, anytime.


And at the end you will be rewarded with a dog with the perfect recall!

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