Living in Albuquerque and ready to get your dog started in training? You came to the right place.

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We offer a variety of different dog training options for both puppies and adult dogs.

Just as every dog and his family are unique, the training needs of every dog owner are unique as well.

By offering the broadest spectrum of training options throughout Albuquerque, we will be able to provide you with exactly the training you and your dog are looking for!

Please contact us to discuss the training options most suitable for your dog. We are committed to designing the best possible training program for you and him. All our training is rewards-based and built on games and communication.


We strive to bring out the best in your dog. Every dog has the potential to be a well-behaved, skilled and obedient companion. Let us help you to turn your dog into the best version of himself! You will be amazed at how much he can learn.
Each dog brings talents with him that are just waiting to be discovered. We can not only teach your dog general obedience, but a variety of other skills – from trick training over dog agility to finding hidden people (man trailing)!

Many clients start with us pursuing basic obedience and stay long after their dog has mastered his basic skills trying out a variety of other dog activities. Keeping your dog enrolled in classes and training programs will help him exercise and burn his energy in a productive way. Continuing training also will remind your dog whop is the most important and fun person around: You!


Check out these very well-behaved obedience class students at the airport:



Our Dog Trainer

border collie and his trainer working

Regardless of the training you choose, know that your dog is in the best hands. Our trainer