Dog Day Training in Albuquerque

Do you have a busy lifestyle and not enough time to commit to regular training?

It can be hard or impossible to fit the training an adult dog or puppy may need into our busy schedules. Certain behavior issues require training sessions at least several times a week.

When training is needed, but time is sparse, dog day training can be a great solution.


Are you unsure about dog training and would like a professional to take over?

Does your dog have behavior issues that you are just not sure you can work on yourself? Is training complicated, and class times do not line up with your irregular schedule?

Are you working in a demanding job or have family members to take care off, leaving little time for training your dog?

Does your dog get bored and destructive during the day, but doggy day care is not the right option for him?


The solution for you may be dog day training.

I offer dog day training in Albuquerque and surrounding areas. It is a type of training in which the owner does not need to participate.

I will come to your house (or another location of your choosing – e.g. a park for a dog who needs to work on his social skills) and train your dog for you in private lessons.

You can sit back and relax – or even have me train your dog while you are at work!

This format works well especially for dogs who need a more extensive approach. I work can work on behavior issues, manners, house breaking (potty training), puppy training, leash walking, general obedience and more.

Having your dog trained by a professional trainer is very time and cost-effective. Through years of training dogs daily I know exactly which type of training your dog will need and how to deliver it.

The training is reward-based and positive and your dog is in the best hands.


Call now to talk about doggy day training!


Dog Day Training will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your dog is trained by a professional who has successfully trained hundreds of dogs.

In our initial meeting you will tell me exactly what you would like your dog to improve on, what behaviors are the most important to you and what your goals for your dog are. I will then draft a training program tailored to your dog’s and your needs.

Throughout the training process I will provide you with photos, videos, written and verbal feedback about our lessons. After every lesson I sent a summary of what we worked on, how the dog did and what my next plans are.

The continuous feedback is an important detail of our Albuquerque Dog Day Training. You are not just handing off your dog to a professional trainer without knowing how he is trained. I strive to provide maximum you with maximum insight into your dog’s training. After all, I know how important it is to know our canine friends in good hands!

Dogs usually improve rapidly once they are in a structured training program like this, and you won’t have to worry about making time for training anymore, I will do it all for you.


On-Going Day Training

Day Training can be set up as an on-going program if your dog e.g. needs someone to let him out and exercise him during the day while you are at work. In this case we can decide on long-term training projects, such as higher-level agility, frisbee or trick training. On-going programs also are suitable for dogs that require a lot of socialization and exposure, which can be hard to provide for owners that work full-time or have other obligations.

Which dogs are suited for dog day training?

Generally, most dogs will benefit from day training. Regardless of his age or breed, individualized training will help your dog reach his full potential and improve his behavior in many different areas.

Day training can be especially beneficial for dogs that have previously been trained with