Are you looking for the best place in Albuquerque for puppy training? You found it! We have helped hundreds of owners get their puppy started out on the right foot.

Our puppy training programs helps you put the schedules and training exercises in place that will let your dog become a well-balanced, well-behaved adult dog that is a companion and friend to you.


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Puppy Training – Invest Now, Benefit Later

Puppies are easy to love. Puppies are also easy to forgive:

  • Does your puppy playfully bite your arm? His teeth are small and don’t hurt!
  • Does he chew on your shoes? He doesn’t do much damage (yet).
  • Does he pull on leash during your walks? Yes, but he is so little that it is just a little tug.

Unfortunately puppies grow up fast and suddenly all these little quirks turn into real problems. If you just got your puppy, no matter how little – the time to train is now.

The more good behaviors you can instill from the start, the better. Behaviors that your dog repeats become habits over time. And good habits is what makes dogs well-behaved and a joy to live with!

Taking a puppy class or two or investing in some private lessons will pay off many times by the time your dog is an adolescent.

It will be much easier and faster to teach him now how to behave than to wait until he is big and independent.

Puppy Training Means Experiences

The more positive experiences your puppy can have growing up, the better. We want these pleasant experiences in all aspects of his life:
Meeting new and friendly people. Meeting friendly and well-balanced dogs. Learning to enjoy walks and time at the park. Learning to play appropriately with you.

Everything your puppy learns now will influence how he sees the world and you. The better and more fun we can make his life, the better!

It also means showing your puppy very clearly from the beginning what pays off and what does not. Jumping on people, pulling on leash, charging out the door – this does not pay off!

We teach you how to be consistent and show your puppy what you expect him to do. Dogs are born as blank slates with no idea on how to behave in their life with us! It is our responsibility t