Dog Training Classes in Albuquerque


Looking for Albuquerque dog training classes? SpiritDog Training offers a variety of different group classes and activities. We have a class for every dog!


dog training classes albuquerque


Group classes work great for owners of dogs that are not dog-reactive and are looking for training in a setting that incorporates some distractions as well as socialization.
The first time you show up at a group class your dog’s mind might be blown and he will behave a little crazy. But soon enough he will learn to work through distractions and focus on you any time, any place.

We offer a variety of group dog training classes in Albuquerque and surrounding areas, both for puppies and adult dogs.

Our group classes are not a standardized curriculum with no deviations, instead I approach each class with the intention to adapt my training goals to the dog and owner teams in front of me. Our methods are always rewards-based.

My classes have a positive and encouraging atmosphere, and it is not unusual to hear genuine applause when a dog and handler team succeeds in a task they have been struggling with. I highly encourage interactions and sharing of training experiences between class clients. Our classes are not going to be you in the middle of strangers training by yourself – we are all training partners who are working towards the same goals.

What If My Dog Is Too Distracted?

All dogs start out being a bit distracted by the class situation and all the new sights, sounds and smells that come with it. Most of them are able to focus on their owner within a couple of lessons and learn well.

If your dog is struggling, we always have a couple tricks up our sleeves:

  • Trying out some extra delicious new treats
  • Letting you have your turn practicing with a bit more distance to the others
  • Having you arrive early so your dog can spend some time sniffing the environment and getting comfortable
  • Seeing if perhaps your dog would like to train for toys
  • Teaching you a variety of attention games.

What Should I Bring To A Class?

Most of all: Treats!

We treat our dogs a lot. The more often we can tell them that they are doing something right, the better and faster they can learn! We want to use every opportunity to teach them what we like. This is much, much easier than teaching them what we do not like.

Most new students underestimate how many treats we will use. They can be very small – the size of your pinkie fingernail is fine. They should also be soft and chewy so that they do not interrupt the flow of training when your dog is chewing them.

A Well-Rested Dog

Dog training classes are mentally challenging for your dog. If he spends his days playing out in the yard (perhaps with other dogs), make su