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Dog Training Classes in Albuquerque - SpiritDog Training LLC

Upcoming Dog Training Classes in Albuquerque and Cedar Crest

Group classes work great for owners of dogs that are not dog-reactive and are looking for training in a setting that incorporates some distractions as well as socialization.
The first time you show u at a group class your dog’s mind might be blown and he will behave a little crazy. But soon enough he will learn to work through distractions and focus on you any time, any place!

We offer a variety of group dog training classes in Albuquerque and surrounding areas!

Our group classes are not a standardized curriculum with no deviations, instead I approach each class with the intention to adapt my training goals to the dog and owner teams in front of me.


My classes have a positive and encouraging atmosphere, and it is not unusual to hear genuine applause when a dog and handler team succeeds in a task they have been struggling with. I highly encourage interactions and sharing of training experiences between class clients. Our classes are not going to be you in the middle of strangers training by yourself – we are all training partners who are working towards the same goals.

We offer classes of several disciplines.
Find your new favorite below, and contact us for special classes!

Beginner Agility

Saturdays 9am
in Cedar Crest
this is an ongoing class – join any time.

Intermediate Agility

Saturdays at 10am
in Cedar Crest
this is an ongoing class – join any time.

Man Trailing 

Fridays at 6pm at different locations.
In this class your dog will learn to find hidden people!

Outdoor Games and Focus

Wednesday at 7pm
in Tijeras
This is an invitation-only class. Dogs need to be dog-friendly and able to focus around distractions to fully participate in this class.
Contact me for availability.

Contact us through the form below to inquire about or sign up for any of these dog training classes in Albuquerque and Cedar Crest.

Are group classes not what you are looking for?
Check out our other dog training options, such as

Private Dog Training
Albuquerque Dog Day Training or
Online Dog Training Classes