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Online Dog Training Classes | SpiritDog Training LLC

Online Dog Training Classes

Do you have a busy schedule?

Is your dog aggressive and cannot take group classes?

Is there no trainer in your area that you “click with”?


Online Classes may just be the solution for you!

What is Online Dog Training?

It is a new and convenient way to teach your dog a variety of new skills – all from the comfort of your home!

Online dog training works similar to a e.g. course that you may take online from a university. You will learn through your computer.
The lessons are delivered to you via videos and written explanations, and you can out them into practice right away with your own dog.

Our online classes have been used by hundreds of happy clients.



Why should you choose an Online Dog Training Course?

In recent years online dog training has become increasingly popular. While it may seem counter-intuitive that you can learn a mechanical skill such as dog training without in-person instruction, video lessons are what makes these classes so effective.

How often have you seen a trainer demonstrate an exercise to you in class, but at home you were unable to do it again? Dog training works best through visuals. This is why I show as much training as possible in my in-person classes, and why my video lessons are packed with footage of me training a variety of different dogs and explaining what I am doing.

Being able to watch videos, go back if there is a problem and copy exactly what you see is so effective that I have in fact started to give my local clients video lessons as well.



Online Dog Training – Training at your convenience


Life can get busy. With full work schedules, family to spend time with and errands to run it can be hard or impossible to commit to a weekly training class. You need the information, but you don’t need to be tied down by a weekly commitment that’s hard to keep up with.

If you have a lot on your plate, online training will be an ideal way to train your dog.

You can train daily when you have time, or skip a week when life is getting crazy. Once you signed up, our program lets you keep the access to the training material forever. It is like paying once for an on-going class you can visit any time and from any place.



By Course

Our online classes operate through a class forum, which will let you view and work through to the curriculum you purchased. All classes are designed to offer you effective teaching through written explanations and many instructional videos of a variety of dogs.


You keep the access forever – no rush to complete any exercises, just work at your own pace.

If you don’t like the class after the first week, we will gladly refund your money.

If you choose to purchase a feedback option, you can submit your own videos and questions to me that will be answered within 24hrs.