Brain Games Online Class

brain games dogs

Your dog has had a bunch of training already, but you are looking for new challenges that will keep him busy for a long time?

Brain Games is your class!

Unusual Challenges

You won’t find our Brain Games anywhere else. If you have taught your dog a lot already and are looking to expand what he can do, we have unique new games to keep him busy and thinking.

Body and Mind

From teaching him spacial modifiers such as “on top” and “under” over advanced body awareness to counting and food puzzles, this class offers a wide variety of ideas for training.

Lifetime Access

Once you are signed up, the course is yours and you can always go back and revisit lessons. Your dog needs an obedience refresher down the line? No problem.


Training does not have to end after basic obedience. On the contrary, the more advanced your dog gets, the more exotic and unique are the training challenges you can present him with!


In this class we will target dogs that need complex games and tricky puzzles to keep busy. The smarter your dog is, the more difficult he can be to entertain (and keep him out of trouble). Preventing boredom and subsequent bad habits is a task many owners face. We can help you provide all the mental and physical exercise your dog needs.


A combination of tricks, balance games, food puzzles, impulse control exercises and advanced understanding of verbal cues is what’s waiting for you in this class.


Teach your dog how to balance items on his head, distinguish between “over” and “under”, walk on the legs of one side, work with high-value rewards on the floor next to him, solve food puzzles made from household items, roll out a beach towel, recognize and match quantities up to 4 and much more.


This class features:
  • 35 learning modules
  • over 140 minutes of training videos
  • step-by-step instructions for all games
  • life-time access and guaranteed satisfaction – if you don’t love it after 7 days, we will gladl