Confidence Booster Online Class

Is your dog one of the shy ones? Uncertain among new people, dogs or places? This class will teach you the skills needed to make him feel safe and confident everywhere.

Developing A Feeling Of Satefy

Shy dogs are afraid of everything new and unexpected. By teaching your dog a set of easy and fun behaviors, we will give him something he knows in any situation!

Helping To Feel Brave

We go at the dog's pace and let him feel brave and confident throughout every session. The more he feels certain in what to do, the less shy he will be.

Lifetime Access

Once you are signed up, the course is yours and you can always go back and revisit lessons. Your dog needs an obedience refresher down the line? No problem.


Shy dogs can be a real challenge. They might be afraid of people, afraid of dogs and are often too stressed to even take treats.

This class will explore ways to make your dog feel more confident and outgoing.


Dogs that lack confidence lack security. Not knowing what comes next can be incredibly scary for them. By teaching them a large repertoire of skills that they can do anytime, anywhere, we are setting them up to never be uncertain again.


We will train our dogs to do a large variety of different tricks as well as helping them to find everyday situations less stressful – such as having their collar grabbed or even bath time!


This class features:
  • 18 learning modules
  • over 90 minutes of training videos with 6 dogs from a variety of breeds
  • positive, easy-to-follow, proven steps to success
  • guaranteed satisfaction – if you don’t love it after 7 days, we will gladly refund your money


We would love to help your shy dog feel braver.


Wondering what’s waiting? Check out this sample exercise: