Learn to Fetch Online Class

Want to play a nice round of fetch at the park, but all your dog does is playing keep-away and making you chase him?

Let’s turn him into a fetching master.

Methods That Work

By considering what really drives your dog's will to fetch (ultimately, this is his prey drive) and using it to make him run back to you as fast as possible, we make returning the toy something he wants to do - rather than something he has to do.

Thoughtful Training

Instead of starting with actual fetching, we begin with games that are much easier for your dog to understand and master and progress to actual fetching from there.

Lifetime Access

Once you are signed up, the course is yours and you can always go back and revisit lessons. Your dog needs an fetching refresher down the line? No problem.

Some dogs are born knowing how to fetch – but others definitely are not!

If you struggle making your dog understand that he is supposed to run back to you with his ball (instead of you running after him) and give it up when told, we have your solution.

By smartly utilizing our dog’s prey drive, we will completely change his fetching behavior.

Through a series of games that are building up to the retrieve our dogs will learn that the real fun comes when they return their toy to us as fast as possible, instead of taking off with it.

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