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Outdoor Games and Focus Online Dog Training - SpiritDog Training LLC

Outdoor Games and Focus Online Dog Training

Can your dog ignore food and come when called?

Do you have a dog who is distracted as soon as you go to a new environment?

Nose on the ground, not listening to anything you’re saying, blowing off his recall and generally no fun to take to places

This class is for all the free-spirits, the independent ones, the ones who don’t come when called and who think everything is more exciting than you when out and about.

Through a series of games and exercises we will slowly build up the value your dog has for you – until he will want to engage with you and actively seek out your attention because he has learned how much fun it is to train and play with you.

You will train your dog in many different places and environment with both food and toys.

You will be added to the class forum and receive 5 lessons spread over the course of 10 weeks. Every 2 weeks you will get a new set of games, activities and exercises to do with your dog in a variety of different places. There will be videos of me showing exercises with different dogs, as well as written explanations.
You can participate in discussions and learn from the journey of your fellow classmates as well!

This is an ongoing class. You can start it any time and keep the access to the material after the class ends.

There are two options for attending the course:

This is an ongoing class – sign up any time and start playing today!

Once you’re signed up, head over to register at the class forum.

Auditor – $95

(Auditors receive the material and work through it by themselves)

Participant –  $150
(Participants can send questions and videos for me to answer and advise on)