Recall and Outdoor Focus Online Class


Does your dog have eyes for everything when you are about and about … except for you? Distracted by smells, dogs, people, wildlife; and not able to train with and focus on you?

This is your class!

Compete With Distractions

Learn how to catch your dog's attention and keep it, no matter the surroundings. Your dog can learn to focus on you completely, even in a busy environment.

Gradual Progression

Step-by-step video instructions will guide your dog through the learning process. We start out easy and gradually progress to exercises such as calling off of toys and full food bowls.

Lifetime Access

Once you are signed up, the course is yours and you can always go back and revisit lessons. Your dog needs a recall  refresher down the line? No problem.

We have all been there — frustrated by a dog who takes off every time you unclip his leash. Not listening, not interested, not focused.


A dog who does not come when called is annoying in the best case, and a danger to himself and others in the worst. Unfortunately, it can seem incredibly difficult to train some dogs to focus on us when there are many others things going on around them.

The good news is – we can train dogs to pay attention among distractions, just like we can train them to sit. The secret lies in the right approach.

If our dog has a long history of running off, we cannot expect him to suddenly change his mind and come when called every time. Instead, we need to rebuild his recall. In this class we begin by teaching our dog simple games that you will play in a variety of situations, gradually making the scenarios more and more difficult.

dog focus owner

As the dogs progress, the games get a bit harder. We introduce some distractions such as food on the ground. Throughout all games we show our dog t