Dog Tricks Online Class


Have you always wanted to teach your dog fun, cute and interesting tricks such as waving, weaving through your legs, crossing his paws or even limping?

With this course your dog will be a trick dog star in no time.

Tricks Made Easy

Tricks are very easy to teach with the right approach and methodical progression. Many of the tricks featured can be taught to your dog within a few sessions.

Suitable For Everyone

Every dog can learn tricks! No matter the age, breed or prior training experience, any dog will enjoy learning something new with you.

Lifetime Access

Once you are signed up, the course is yours and you can always go back and revisit lessons. Your dog needs an obedience refresher down the line? No problem.



Teaching tricks to your dog is fun and bonding. It is a great activity for small spaces, rainy days and puppies and senior dogs alike.


Trick training however can be much more than “just” a past-time. By interacting with and learning from you, your dog’s overall behavior will improve. He practices listening, tuning into you and working together with you.


This course features a variety of different tricks, such as spinning left and right, brawling forwards and backwards, weaving through the handler’s legs, rolling a ball, crossing paws, sitting pretty and much more.


Your dog needs no prior training in order to have fun with this class. Tricks are for everyone.

dog tricks

This course features:
  •  25 training modules
  • over 120 minutes of training videos with different breeds
  • positive, easy-to-follow, proven steps to success
  • guarantee