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Testimonials for SpiritDog Training - SpiritDog Training LLC


What others thought about Spirit Dog Training in Albuquerque
Steffi is a gem!!! So happy to have her nearby, but even when not nearby, she helps via telephone and videos. My initial consultation was about 45 minutes via phone, extremely helpful, and very much appreciated. She has a different way of approaching dogs habits, that allows you to see your dogs issues as they must see those things themselves. Instead of bad behavior see it as emotion. I've trained many of my own dogs with success. I now have a very difficult case, and the input of many trainers has been invaluable to me. Steffi has allowed me to add another dimension into what I'm seeing in the behaviors my dog expresses. Cannot wait to work with her more!
Steffi is a compassionate and knowledgeable trainer. She took her time with me and my dogs. I highly recommend her services!
Steffi is consistent, effective and genuine in her techniques and enthusiasm even for the most difficult dogs (like mine)! Her introduction to clicker based training with reward reinforcements led to the first ‘conversation’ I had with my dog. Chlöe is an English Bull Terrier mix who is easily distracted, extremely high energy but also eager to please and food motivated. Due to my lack of understanding I was constantly frustrated trying to train her. Part of Steffi’s process involves training the trainers (you!) as well which gave me and my dog a common vocabulary. Early clicker training is target based; teaching the animal to focus on a specific marker. One of my first training recordings (suggested to also teach the trainer/you) captured the moment Chlöe understood what I was asking of her and my subsequent reaction. It was a very very cool moment I would not have had without Steffi’s tutelage. I’ve been able to use the target based technique to turn nail trimming into a game! We’ve learned some additional tricks following Steffi’s techniques and I feel I have a better relationship with my dog because of it. I recommend considering training with Steffi without hesitation.
Steffi is incredible. There is nothing better than to play with your dog teaching him/her new tricks and, more importantly, good manners. Her training is fun, in-depth, and results oriented. Her training does NOT include reprimands, time outs, etc. We only focus on positive which is so important if you want your dog/puppy to really bond with you. I highly recommend Steffi. No one better.
Steffi is amazing! I have learned so many fun things to do with my dog from her. Both of us look forward to practicing the tricks, it is really a great bonding experience. And most importantly Theodore, my pup, loves her!