Have you ever watched a dog and handler team run around an agility course, navigating all obstacles effortlessly with fast and fluent communication? It looks stunning and makes everyone want to join in and enjoy with their own dog. The good news is: Pretty much anyone can join!


Agility is a fun, fast-paced dog sport that will allow you and your dog become a true team.


At the same time, agility provides an excellent combination of physical exercise and mental challenge. Many smart and energetic dogs become destructive when they are bored, so agility is a perfect way to keep them busy. You will always come home with a happy and very tired dog after our lessons.

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Agility FAQ


How do I get started in agility?


We offer group and private lessons on our agility field. For beginners, we always recommend a few private lessons to jump-start your training before joining a group class. This has several reasons:

  • Distractions

    When your dog first arrives at the agility field, everything will be new and very exciting. This does not just mean the agility obstacles, but also anything else around.
    Your dog will smell the scent of the many other dogs that train there, wildlife such as bunnies that lives around the field and maybe crumbs from previous students’ cookies. He will be very excited about everything that is going on.
    By having a few private lessons, we can eliminate the distraction of other dogs around that would be there in a group class. This will make it easier for your dog to focus on his work and soon he will love agility so much that having other dogs in a class won’t distract him from his favorite sport.


  • Obstacle Navigation

    Of course you want to teach your dog all the obstacles, from weave poles over the dog walk to the A frame and tire jump. In a private lesson, we can give your dog one-on-one attention and teach him the basics very quickly and efficiently. This way, he already knows a bunch when he joins a group class and can hit the ground running.


  • Reward Knowledge

    Not every dog likes every cookie, and not every dog wants to be rewarded with a tennis ball. Sometimes dogs do not want treats that they us