Dog Agility Training in Albuquerque

dog agility albuquerque

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Agility is a fun, fast-paced dog sport that will allow you and your dog become a true team!

The combination of mental and physical exercise will provide an energy outlet for your dog that will leave him calm and tired for many hours.


In our classes your dog will learn how to navigate the obstacle course (ranging from tunnels and jumps over the seesaw and the tire jump to weaving though the slalom poles) safely, and you will be taught how to guide your dog through the course.

Dogs catch on very quickly to this type of sport that seems to come naturally to them, and most dogs are running small courses by the third class.


We teach many exercises that you can rehearse at home even with no access to agility equipment. This way you can practice with your advancing dog in between lessons.


Dogs should not start work on agility obstacles before they are 6 months old. Until they are finished growing (depending on the breed that is typically between 1 and 2 years) we will be using extra care to keep the jumps and injury hazard low. We will not yet teach them weaving between the upright poles. In AKC Agility, dogs are not actually allowed to compete on a whole course until they are 15 months old. But even puppies can have a lot of fun and learning experiences on the agility field, as well as gaining socialization from the lessons.


Our outdoor agility field in Edgewood (located just 20min from Albuquerque in the beautiful Sandia mountains) features every piece of equipment.

The footing is usually a complicated aspect in our dry desert climate – any type of sand tends to become very hard, compacted and unpleasant to breathe.

We are the only agility field in the Albuquerque area that uses mulch. It is soft on your and your dog’s joints while running (in all seasons!), while also not being dusty.


Steffi has trained with the agility world champions Silvia Trkman and Martina Klimesova who have excelled in many world class agility events. She has devised a structured, effective beginner agility course that will have you and your dog running sequences of jumps and tunnels in as little as 4 weeks.

While many other intro agility courses have the dog navigate obstacles on-leash for a long time, you will run agility off-leash from the beginning – like the pros. This allows the dog to catch onto the concept of moving on the course under the owner’s guidance very quickly. Later on we add more difficult obstacles, such as weave poles or the A Frame.


Whether you are hoping to some day compete at agility trials or just looking for a fun past time, we will get you started on the right foot.

Our agility classes are suitable for all dogs that are friendly towards other dogs and people and come when called (also with some distractions).
If your dog needs some more work on his recall or is not reliably well behaved around others, private lessons will give you the option to pursue agility without having to worry about the class situation.

  • Group lessons

  • $100/ 5 weeks

  • Private lessons

  • $30/ 30 min

  • Field Rental

  • $10/ session
  • (for you to practice on your own)